1. Expand into The Highest Good [1] for this week. Let yourself feel it’s gonna be better than you could possibly imagine.
  2. Let yourself connect with One Experience You Really Want [2] this week. It doesn’t matter which one.
  3. Let yourself Feel it. Emotionalize it. [3] How would you feel, if this one experience came true
  4. Identify your Frequency. Keep feeling the reality of this one thing you want: what one word or few words best describes it? [7]
  5. Feel your Frequency for 17 seconds or more. [8] Keep feeling the heart: the frequency of this experience for at least 17 seconds. If you get distracted, keep coming back to start the 17 seconds of continuous frequency.
  6. Now Create a Clear Intention to Live Your Frequency! [11] In present tense, write a clear intentional statement for living your frequency this week.
  7. What’s one next step (or more) that will support you in living your frequency? [12] Write it down and move on it!

On Mondays you’ll be inspired to Create a Clear Intention, with various techniques and tools 👇

Creating a Clear Intention [Details & FAQ]

Mondays are designed to…

<aside> 🎈 **Grow Your Sacred Muscles of Self-Clarity, Self-Courage & Authentic Action

Self-Clarity:** The ability to discern and intuit how to move forward in alignment with our highest good and greatest potential.

Self-Courage: The ability to access the energy, enthusiasm and action for moving forward on what matters to us, despite having fear, doubt and our feelings.

Authentic Action: The ability to move from an Authentic Aligned place inside. Not moving from ego, but allowing our Heart and Soul to move us forward.


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