F – Feel Your Feelings

How are you feeling? Make sure you’re aware within your body. You don’t feel in the mind… you feel in the body. [1]

Where are you feeling it? Does what you’re feeling have a texture, color or movement? [2]

E – Embrace Your Feelings

Fully accept, embrace and really welcome your feelings. [3]

Be aware of any resistance to feeling, and let go of that resistance. [4]

E – Express Your Feelings

Let your feelings have a completely free and uncensored voice. [5]

It might feel like you’re making it all up. That’s ok. That’s how it feels at first. [6]

Keep expressing until you feel still, or somewhat silent within. [7]

L – Love Your Feelings

Talk kindly, lovingly and compassionately to these feelings, like they’re small children. [8]

Give yourself whatever you need. [9]

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Feeling for Healing & Growth [Details & FAQ]

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<aside> 🦋 Grow Your Sacred Muscles of Self-Healing and Self-Forgiveness.


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