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<aside> 🎓 From Dr. Zoë

These techniques and tools literally saved my life. From abuse and adversity…to addiction and an eating disorder…to feeling everyday lost and empty. These experiences have helped me find Big, Bold, Brave Love for myself, my Life, and for the whole world. I hope they serve you too.

About Dr. Zoë Lumiere


<aside> 🐺 From Fenix

I’m here to help you love yourself. You deserve to feel Big, Brave, Bold and Beautiful too. You love me, and every animal you’ve ever met with unconditional Loving, compassion and forgiveness. It’s time to start loving yourself the same way, and I’m here to show you how.

About Fenix Lumiere




<aside> 🫀 The Life-Changing Shift from Living from Your Head, to Your Heart

It’s no coincidence that Fenix has a brain disorder. He lives from his Heart. He is Big, Bold, Brave Love in action. And he’s here to show the whole world how to be happy, kind and free to be themselves. Recent research in NeuroScience is beginning to prove that the key to healing, health and happiness, is found in the emotional energy of our heart (feeling), not in the mental energy in our heads (thinking).

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<aside> 🗣️ While we hope to support you in finding the Love, Courage and Support you need to grow, heal and thrive here, sometimes nothing can substitute for talking to another human being. If you need to talk, for whatever reason – do the courageous thing and reach out! Free, confidential support from a helpline or hotline near you. Online chat, text or phone. https://findahelpline.com/


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