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Post title: NEW: SelfLove + SelfCourage + SelfCompassion = ?!🔮

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I have a big NEW launch coming in a couple weeks. So I want to share a little bit about that today.

AND we do NOT have a Monday Morning Magic call today! More house renovations going on. We’ll invite you to our online house blessing soon!

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The Magic 3

I have been sharing for years, about the 3 magic habits I’m committed to.

The first is some kind of Self-Love in the morning. For me that’s meditation and walking my dog.

In essence it’s charging my battery 🔋

The second is some kind of Self-Courage. I do this directly after my meditation. I use the 5 step Spiritual Manifestation meditation to get clear on what’s for my highest good today, not just in terms of next steps, but the frequency and energy I need too.

In essence it’s setting my compass 🧭

And the third is Self-Compassion. I do this when I need it. And I do it AT LEAST once a week. I use the 4 step Rewiring process to consistently clear and balance my emotions

In essence it’s continuing to clear the karmic and energetic blocks 🏔

I find that typically we have a natural inclination to do 1 or 2. But very rarely does a person find it easy to do all 3.

Maybe you love meditating, but then grounding that down into clear next steps and energy for your day is missing.

Maybe you love getting clear on your dreams and direction, but when your blocks come up you find it so hard to be with yourself so you can love and clear those patterns.